Tackling the Issue of Obsolete Electronic Components

Why do components become obsolete?

As technology innovation moves at an ever-growing pace, consumer electronics are no longer built to last. The same applies to electronic components, and they will quickly become obsolete when they no longer work or are no longer required.

Obsolete electronic components can provide real issues for manufacturers who rely on a particular component for their products. In many industries, including aerospace and the military, there are older components which are still required in electronics manufacturing. Unlike the constantly moving tech industry, these sectors may rely on particular parts for many years and can face a crisis if these become obsolete.

Can you still source obsolete, or end-of-life, components?

Some electronics suppliers will work with you to build a strategy for sourcing end-of-line or obsolete components. It is important to find an independent, unbiased supplier who is experienced in this area and has access to end of life, obsolete or hard to find components, as the big manufacturers will often no longer produce them.

One of the risks with sourcing obsolete components is that the quality may not be as high, or you may accidentally be given counterfeits. However, an experienced supplier will ensure that they provide you with electronic components which have been fully checked, tested and are safe to use in manufacturing processes.

It is also important to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to electronic components so that you can avoid future scares. If you hear that a component is coming to the end of its life-cycle, speak with your supplier and see if you can negotiate a deal to stock up.

Although obsolete and end-of-life components can be sourced by independent suppliers, it is also important to plan your strategy going forward. If you are manufacturing a product which requires a large volume of a particular component, it is unlikely that you will be able to source enough to keep producing. You may have to look at alternative designs which use different electronic components.

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