What is Hybrid Distribution?

Rebound has built a business, blending together the expertise of a professional broker, with over 20 years’ experience, with the key service and reliability standards that you would expect from franchised distribution. We have agreements all over the world, utilising sources of original manufacturers products (OEMs), approved suppliers and factories direct. We find the most competitive area of the world to secure current, long lead time and obsolete parts. We have strict procedures and work to ISO 9001 approval. We utilise an ISO approved, Western run test facility in China to guarantee component quality.

Hybrid Distribution is the future in component supply. To discuss how you can start to benefit from it today, please email us at hybrid-distribution@reboundeu.com.

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In the past components could be purchased from either:

  • OEMs direct – competitively priced, but usually MOQs and inflexible
  • Catalogue houses – fast response, good for small engineering quantities, but usually high prices
  • Franchised Distributors – willing to hold stock, good source of supply and local service. However, supply is in the currency dictated by the manufacturer and you cannot usually purchase outside the franchised territory
  • Brokers – able to find that long lead time/obsolete part. However, the industry is unregulated and fraught with counterfeit and unreliable product


How our customers view Hybrid Distribution

“Rebound has succeeded in creating an excellent service which is tailored to the needs of our business. Not only can they help us out with hard to find / obsolete parts, they have successfully combined this with scheduled orders for franchised stock. Rebound has worked in partnership with Seaward in helping us to reduce our supplier base by taking over the sourcing and the supply chain management of a number of commodities. Seaward no longer see Rebound as an ad-hoc supplier for the occasional shortage, but as a strategic supplier, someone who will work with us to help our business succeed.”

Operations Director
Seaward Electronic Ltd.

“Due to the nature of Linn’s business being a high mix, small volume manufacturer, it is crucial to work with suppliers that can support on time delivery, short leadtimes, low MOQs and can provide us with an assurance of quality which befits our high end products. Since working with Rebound, Linn has grown this relationship beyond that of shortage management to performing a key role in ongoing supply that not only fits with Linn’s ideals but that also makes solid financial sense.”

Purchasing and Supply Manager
Linn Products Ltd.

“Rebound to me are an extension of my purchasing team and not a supplier.  Right price at the right time and quality. The only supplier this year who has not let me down at all on delivery or quality. Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Key point about Rebound is their customer focus and that they are not in for a quick deal, but a long term relationship.”

Material Controller
Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd.