Rebound Dubai Office

dubai-officeThe Dubai office launched in 2014 to service the ever increasing requirement for 24 hour sourcing capabilities for the Rebound Group and with the location of Dubai time zone wise places the operation in a fantastic position to service both Asia and Europe coupled with the Americas also allowing sales teams to have access to the sourcing team around the clock … Currently 6 people are located in the Dubai office which will increase to 14 by the end of the summer 2016 .

Successful AS9120 re-certification for Rebound Electronics

We at Rebound Electronics are pleased to announce that we have been successfully re-certified to the AS9120 standard. In further demonstration of our commitment to quality, this re-certification also includes a Change to Approval, which incorporates our Monchengladbach office in Germany.

Rebound opens new office in Singapore

Increasing global sales and procurement capabilities

Rebound Electronics (UK) Ltd, is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Singapore, Asia (April 2013). This expansion will mean that Rebound can continue to increase its service offering and geographical reach by working closely with its customers, providing them with global sourcing and supply capabilities.