We source traceable electronic components globally to prevent problems in your supply chain.

What we do

As an independent electronic component distributor, we are uninhibited by the restrictions of UK franchise agreements, allowing us to source components you need from around the world, and at the best prices. Based in Newbury, the staff in our UK office offer you responsive, real time support and personal service from a single point of contact. Privately-owned, we do not operate within layers of management, so you are always speaking to someone empowered to help you and able to make decisions quickly to support your business.  Your order will be sourced by our centralised global purchasing hub in Dubai, ensuring that we are working on your behalf around the clock.

Being independent allows us to offer you more than just component supply. Many customers come to us because they have an availability problem and stay with us for our proactive approach and support in managing their supply chain. We work closely with our customers, becoming partners as well as suppliers.

Hard to find component sourcing

Market volatility provides CEMs and OEMS with regular supply challenges from within the authorised distributor network which can slow down production or even stop production lines. Our ability to source electronic components globally, allows us to find what you need when you need it, keeping your supply chain moving and realising product sales.


The reliability and integrity of the electronic components we supply is paramount. We have local testing/inspection and QA to ensure that we meet the standards you, and the industry, expects. Our accreditations are available here to view and download

Cost reductions

The scale of our business ensures that we are well-placed to secure the best price on the electronic components we source for our customers. We have supply chain partners based globally and years of trading history to ensure we are providing customers with the most competitive pricing.

Proactive supply chain management

Our understanding of the market and our customers allows us to take proactive measures to support the supply chain and prevent problems from occurring. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and ensure that our customers buy at the right time and the right price to secure their supply chain and manage their costs effectively.

Excess stock management

Excess stock ties up your cashflow and warehouse space, not to mention de-valuing over time. Rebound can work with you to buy your excess components and free up your resources to be better utilised.

Flexible approach

Rebound is a privately-owned business, focused entirely on delivering market leading customer service. Our knowledgeable and trusted team will get to know your business really well, offering you a proactive service and flexible solutions that meet your specific requirements.


The success of Rebound Electronics stems from the active leadership by a team who know the electronics business inside and out, and passionately believe that ‘Customer First’ is the only way to do business. Their on-going empowerment and support of leadership from within the Rebound team ensures that our business is always leading the way.


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The MLCC Shortage: Will it Continue in 2020?

Because of the popularity of MLCCs, there has been an industry-wide shortage for the past two years. Currently, lead times are up to 50 weeks on new orders, some suppliers aren’t accepting new orders for MLCCs and others are cancelling existing orders.

In response to the shortage, some component manufacturers have imposed allocations on the amount of MLCCs that can be ordered by OEMs, and many have increased the price of their MLCCs, even applying this increase to orders that have already been placed. Due to this, many OEMs are struggling to complete their own productions and are reaching line-stops.